Investor FAQ

When does the Company's financial year end?

30 June.

Who is the Company's Independent Auditor?

Foo Kon Tan LLP

How many shares of BoldTek Holdings Limited are in issue?

Kindly refer to the most recent Half-Yearly/Full Year results announcement.

When will the next results announcement be made?

Under normal circumstances, the Company’s Half-Yearly results announcement will be released via SGXNet not later than 45 days after 31 December. Full Year results will be released not later than 60 days after 30 June.

How can I get the Company's financial documents?

Refer to the online versions of Half-Yearly Results, Annual Reports and Corporate Announcements.

When is the Annual General Meeting or AGM held?

The AGM is typically held not later than four months after 30 June as determined by the Board of Directors. Proxy materials and annual reports will be mailed to shareholders not later than 14 days before the meeting.

Where can I find information about the Company's Management?

Kindly refer to the Directors and Executive Officers sections of our website.

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